20 Painters statement

Nina’s work contemplates the middle ground between what is real and what is not, she pushes the view of the objects she paints to the point where they lose their identity, thus revealing an altered view, that could be looking to the universe or travelling deep inside the body.


Nina’s work ponders the medium of paint, exploring: the quality and viscosity of paint itself, redolent of current opinions of the tradition of painting in an increasingly virtual world and the psychological experience of creating a painting. (Flirting with the idea of Rorschach cards and likening the state of mind to that of theta brain wave state).


While at the Royal College of Art she explored different media, all of which were a journey to realize a different view for her painting practice. Most of the work during that period is experimental, looking closely at the medium and act of painting itself.


Her current work takes the disregarded painting rag, which holds the rejected paint from her own canvases and brushes as the object of scrutiny. The subject is suggestive of the uneasy position of painting in today’s world and taking a light hearted poke at the seriousness of Fine Art Painting.


Nina has exhibited nationally and internationally, highlights include ‘London Art’ fair in Chelsea, Scope Miami and Paradise, RCA Milan. She has work in the private collections of Alex de Brye and public collection of 6KBW; she received the Stanley Smith Scholarship to the Royal College of Art.